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Although heat pumps are the most popular and effective for cooling system, the cooler pumps are however attaining higher and higher interests over the time.

A cooler pump is a machine shaped in the form of a box. It has one or more surfaces which are porous in nature, which allows air to pass through them. The unit has a fan inside it which pulls air from the outside through the sides of the appliance and passes it into the house.

Cool air can be produced with the machine by using a water-absorbing material fitted on each of the porous sides.

 Features Cooler Pumps

The flow of the air in the machine can be adjusted, which can depend on the need for cooling the home. For effectiveness in the cooling of the home, it is only required keep each of the pads damp and not soaked.

Cooler plastic blades are used in these pumps. Fabrication on the machine is done based on high quality raw material.

Use of the latest technology is done for manufacturing of the products. Sizes of the pumps can vary from 2 feet to 4 feet to 6 feet, allowing customers to choose the product that rightly suits their needs.

The pumps are highly precise and technologically advanced to make it easy and convenient for the users to air cool their homes. The cooling system used in the product is optimally designed focussing on the particular needs for people inside their residences.

 Benefits Cooler Pumps

Consumption of power for the pumps is significantly low. The product is highly durable and of high quality, thus lasting for a long period of time.

The pumps are extremely effective for the purpose of cooling one’s home. The designs are perfect to meet the specific needs of the users. The pumps are reliable, and depending on the size and design of the model, they are made resistant to corrosion.

The prices are reasonable and competitive enabling users to afford the products suitably fulfilling their requirements. The costs of maintenance for the pumps are also low.

High level of performance is guaranteed with the products which is optimum for use in any home. 18W product is also available in the range thus allowing a wide range of options for the customers and users to choose from.

The low wattage of the products enable lower power consumption, which therefore saves both energy and power for the consumers. Users can significantly cut and save on their electricity bill, with the use of these cooler pumps.

 Guidance from professionals

For the use of the product in a house, assistance from professionals can be taken who keep a constant supervision on the manufacture and delivery of the right products to the right customers at the right time.

The products have been designed and manufactured based on the set standards in the industry. The pumps are uniquely designed, beneficial, and with the best suited features to fulfil customer requirements.

All instructions are provided with the manual of the machine, and guided by the professionals as well.

18W Cooler Pump

18W Cooler Pump

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24W Cooler Pump

24W Cooler Pump

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18 W Cooler Pump

18 W Cooler Pump

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