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The main feature of LED panel lights and other LED productsfor what this lamps or bulbs are very popularis that LED light manufacturer in india are itself very much electric energy efficient. This lighting technology is a small electronic semiconductor made of light emitting diodes which converts about 80% of electric energy into light and with LED technology only remaining 20% energy lost as heat. In standard light bulb a small filament made of coils of fine wire is placed inside which is the cause of high electrical use. But, in LED panel lights   or in other LED products this filament is absent. Therefore, it uses less electricity, though the semiconductor is actually made of different materials which varies in their ability to conduct electricity, but the electric or energy consumption is not varies much and gives efficiency in terms of energy consumption.Because of this features Litesun become the brand in the industry of led panel lights manufacturers in delhi. Litesun is supplying their products in india and doing manufacturing for indian market in the series of made in india.Litesun is called one of the best led panel lights manufacturers in india. who is supplying their products in all over india specialist we are suppliers of led panel lights in delhi,haryana,uttar pradesh,rajasthan,punjab,delhi,ncr,gurgaon,noida and chandigarh. in panel light series we are led bulbs manufacturers in india also so visit our webist and get inquiry.