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A Led downlights is a lighting system which is designed and placed in a manner such that the light would be reflected downwards.

These lights are generally fixed in a hollow opening which is made in the ceiling of a room. Once these lights are installed, it gives a look as if light is shining from a hole in the roof, directing downwards.

The lights can be designed to reflect in a broad manner or in a narrow manner.

The downlighters come in both round and square shapes.

 Specifications of Led Downlights

There are four different models for the LED round downlights. These are ANRPR-03W, ANRPR-06W, ANRPR-12W and ANRPR-18W, the rated powers of which are 3W, 6W, 12W, and 18W respectively.

The ANRPR-03W model has a rated lumen of 270, with dimension of 78x30mm, and 65mm cut out diameter. The rated lumen of ANRPR-06W is 540 lumen, with a dimension of 108x30mm, and cut out diameter being 84mm.

The ANRPR-12W light has a dimension of 150x30mm, a rated lumen of 1080, and cut out diameter of 119mm. The dimension of the ANRPR-18W model is 179x30mm, with 143mm cut out diameter, and 1620 rated lumen.

For the LED square downlights also, there are four models - ANRPS-03W, ANRPS-06W, ANRPS-12W, and ANRPS-18W. The rated powers of these models are 3W, 6W, 12W and 18W respectively. The rated lumen for ANRPS-03W is 270 lumen, with a dimension of 83x83x30mm, and a cut out diameter of 54x54mm.

The ANRPS-06W has a rated lumen of 540, a dimension of 110x110x30mm, and an 85x85mm cut out diameter. The dimension of ANRPS-12W is 150x150x30mm, with cut out diameter being 122x122mm, and rated lumen of 1080 lumen. The ANRPS-18W model has 1620 rated lumen, a dimension of 180x180x30mm, and 147x147mm cut out diameter.


The input voltage for all the round and square models of LED downlights manufacturers is low in the range of 85-265 volt. A constant current isolated driver of 300mA is included in these models.

The CRI of the lights is greater than 70. The colour temperatures for the lights also vary with the temperatures being 3000 K for warm white, 4000 K for natural white, and 6500 K for cool white.


The benefits are many for the LED downlights suppliers in india. The lights are highly energy efficient and can significantly save on the electricity bill of the user. The lights are of low voltage, and long lasting. There is no mercury and no harmful chemicals involved in these lights, making them environment friendly and safe for use.

There are colour options for the users to select from, and the colours are pleasing for purposes of use and decoration.

Cost of maintenance is almost nil and no fireproofing for these lights is also required. Heat that is dissipated from these lights is minimum thus reducing on the costs of cooling as well for homes and offices wherever the lights are fitted.

Installations are easy and can be assisted by professionals as the hole is required to be made in the ceiling which may only require little help.

Square Downlights

Square Downlights

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7W Empire Model

7W Empire Model

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